Royalty Cakes is a specialized Online Gift delivery service and a Wedding Cake Designer
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Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes traditionally where made to bring good luck to all guests at the wedding and the couple. Here at Royalty Cakes we love cake because cake brings happiness, cake is shared with the people you love, and thats what we do, we make you a stunning Wedding cake to display at your wedding that matches your theme and colours and we make you a delicious cake that you can share with your family and friends. The first slice of happiness as a married couple and you chose your guests to share it with.

Wedding Favours

We make unique edible wedding favours for your guests. From Belgium chocolate flowers to cakes in a jar, from fortune cookies to Belgium Chocolate message balls, from the classic short bread biscuit and delicious petite fours to the modern cake pops and macaroons.

Why an edible gift because it is visually attractive and tastes fantastic, your guests will love that late night snack or the next morning breakfast snack :)

Wedding Dessert Catering

Royalty Cakes is all about innovative ideas and creative ways to make your wedding one of a kind, and that is why we specialize in the Wedding dessert Cart. We incorporate your wedding cake into a Dessert Affair, where you have a stunning display of mini desserts and a delicious cake for your guests to choose from. All dessert cakes are designed and decorated to match you r wedding ideas and colours.

For Weddings please contact us directly to get a full quotation.


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