Royalty Cakes is a specialized Online Gift delivery service and a Wedding Cake Designer
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Who is Royalty Cakes?

Royalty Cakes is an online gifting service of Edible gifts for the one of a kind person, for people who wish to give a unique and inspiring gift to a appreciative and special person. We create an experience of Royalty from beginning to end for both the sender and the receiver of our Royalty Gift.


What are Royalty Cakes products about?

An unforgettable experience. At Royalty Cakes our whole package is an exciting gift. From the custom designed wooden Gift box, to our personal range of glass cake plates, artisan baked desserts and special envelopes sealed with the Royal emblem.


When are your products baked for delivery?

Royalty Cakes bakes and designs all products the day before delivery, to ensure that any orders being delivered are delivered fresh and at its best.


Will every product look exactly the same as the pictures on the website?

As all our products are handcrafted and designed there may be slight differences in design than the pictures on the website. Royalty Cakes looks at each order uniquely and our Pastry Chef takes time to construct each gourmet dessert.


Can I customize my order? 

With all our Artesian desserts we want a passionate experience for all our Royal customers which is why you are able to select the colour of your Royal Gift Box and a custom card that expresses the special message you wish to send. By selecting the occasion for your gift an appropriate ribbon will seal your Royal Gift.


How are your products made?

All our products are made with top quality ingredients. Only the best will do.

Each product is uniquely baked and decorated by our Pastry Chef. 


Do your products contain preservatives? 

No, Never, all our products are freshly baked for each delivery and should be consumed within 24 hours.


How do I place my order?

Online, on our website and if you have any queries you can email us on Royalty Cakes is an e-commerce business and presently only sells online for delivery to a chosen address within Gauteng.


What payment methods do you accept? 

Our secure online payment gateway accepts MasterCard and Visa debit/cheque and credit cards.


How do I cancel or change any orders I have placed? 

Orders must be cancelled or changed at least 48 hours before scheduled delivery as all our products are made fresh. There are no refunds accepted under any circumstances so any cancelations must be rescheduled for a future delivery. No later than 1 month after payment date.


Can orders be sent back?

There are no returns on any orders as all our products are freshly baked and due to Health legislations. Royalty Cakes endeavours to ensure all customers that all orders will be top class and made to exact specifications as shown on the website. 


Can my order include a special message?

You can include a special message in the product section of the product you select to add to cart.


Can you include a message for Royalty Cakes for instructions for delivery?

You can include specific instructions for Royalty Cakes in the Cart page before checkout. 


How far in advance should I place my order?

48Hours in advance. For orders on special days like peak public holidays please allow 3-4 days. There are no deliveries made on public holidays so please arrange delivery dates before those days.


Will I receive a confirmation that my order has been processed? 

You will receive automatic notifications via email to confirm that your order payment has been processed; to confirm your order is being made; and to confirm that your order has been sent for delivery. 


What are your delivery days and hours? 

We deliver from Tuesday – Friday from 09:00-17:00 and Saturday 09:00-13:00. There are no deliveries made on a Monday and Sunday and no deliveries on public holidays.



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